Leasing Criteria

Thank you for choosing Sphere Realty & Property Management as your go to team. Please see the
following requirements for our properties.
1. Income should be at least three times the rent in gross monthly income and verifiable from
an unbiased source such as: applicants pay stub, tax forms including W2 or 1099, or a job offer
letter submitted on company letterhead and signed by the applicant accepting the position.
2. Applicants must provide contact information for the HR Department, the name of their
department head or direct supervisor, and the main business telephone number.
3. Applicants employment history should reflect at a minimum of 6 months with your current
employer. Transfers or relocations must have a correspondence showing an accepted job
offer. Any verification fees required by the employer must be paid by the applicant.
4. Self-employed individuals must provide verification of income through one of the following, a
CPA prepared financial statement or a copy of your current and previous year's tax returns
filed with IRS and two most recent bank statements.
5. Married couples may combine incomes.

1. Applicants are responsible for providing information including the names, addresses,and
phone numbers, of Landlords with dates of tenancy for the previous 2 years.
2. Mortgage payment history will be considered if you owned rather than rented your residence
during the previous 2 years.
3. No forcible detainers (evictions).
4. No history if any damage to previous residences or an outstanding balance due to previous

1. A minimum credit of 600 will be considered for processing. Scores below 600 may be
considered with the understanding that an additional security deposit may be required.
2. Any outstanding debt to a prior landlord will result in the denial of your application. 
3. Past due child support will result in denial of your application.
4. Credit history must show that the resident has paid bills on time and does not have a
history of debt write-offs or accounts that have gone into collections. Residency may be
denied due to poor credit history.
Application Submission Requirements
Completed applications are reviewed and processed in the order in which they are received in the
office. Missing information will delay the processing of your application. Incomplete applications will
be considered "back-up" applications if a completed application is received.
Each occupant 18 years or older must submit the following information:
Completed application through online application
• https:U a pp .propertywa re .com/pw /porta ls/sphererea lty/tena ntApp lication .action
• Make sure that each occupant is selected under applicant
$45 non-refundable application fee per applicant with the completed online application.

Application fee may be paid online.
If additional information is needed, the following MAY BE requested:
Minimum of 2 years verifiable residential history (complete addresses provided including city,
state, zip, landlord name and valid contact number).
Minimum of 2 years verifiable residential history (complete addresses provided including city,
state, zip landlord name and valid contact number)
2 months verification of income such as applicant's pay stub, tax forms including W2 or 1099,
or a job offer letter submitted on company letterhead and signed by applicant accepting the

The following will need to be submitted with your application:


  • Copy of valid Driver's License or photo id.
  • Pictures of pets (if applicable). If the property owner is accepting pets at this property, please
    review Landlord "Pet Policy". Pet Fees listed on the" Pet Policy" are minimum fees. Property
    owner has final approval/denial of pets allowed at property and total amount of fees
    required. Additional liability insurance may be required for all tenants with pets.
  • We DO NOT accept co-signers. Guarantors may be considered, and need to submit their own
  • Total number of tenants & occupants may not exceed 2 persons per bedroom.
  • Landlord will consider a number of factors when selecting a tenant.
  • If you have any special circumstances you would like considered you are
    encouraged to provide additional information detailing circumstances.
  • All applications and pets are approved at owners' discretion.